I have been having a wonderful time making cards for Butterfly World.

This is a huge honor and motivator and I have been trying to improve my skills as well as learning about what my options are with printing art and cards. I have been working on many butterflies paintings to put onto cards.

This week, I went to see the pupas of the butterflies I have been painting. The kids and I visited Butterfly World on their opening day on Friday, and we even got to see some of the butterflies emerging from their pupas!

It truly amazes me how different all of the butterflies and the pupas look from each other. The wings are so incredible and intricate. What a magic thing nature is.

There are also lizards and tortoises! PS, if you want to keep a four year old busy, let him borrow an old camera 🙂

I am back off to Butterfly World today to drop off my cards. I am hoping more butterflies will have emerged from their pupas! I guess after my big day of printing, it’s time to paint more! 🙂

brown butterfly

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